Betty and Beth, were two characters if there ever were. Both of them were inspiring for us as craftspeople as well as our mothers.

We primarily work in yarn and vintage buttons.

The yarn is hand dyed in small batches using natural material a lot of which is grown in our garden or collected in the field. We spend part of our time at our cabin in Montana where we dye with local material such as rabbitbrush, goldenrod and sage. When we’re at home we use native material we collect from trees and fields, the floor of the grocery store or have grown in our dyer’s garden.

We are currently growing madder, greenthread (cota), lady’s bedstraw, hollyhock, marigolds, zinnias, Hopi black dye sunflowers, purple basil and coreopsis.

Our new BLOG, The Dye Pot talks about what we're up too.

The buttons which form of the basic elements of the designs are found through estate sales, garage sales, and stashes of friends and family. Some of the buttons hail from the 1930s and 40s and some are much newer. Neither Betty nor Beth (or us for that matter) would have claimed to be button experts and the focus is on the art and craft of the jewelry and not so much the collectable nature of the buttons (however, there are collectable buttons on some items). Some of the buttons used in the pins, brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and clips are antique, some vintage and some modern. Many are imported glass.

Some of our work is available on Etsy (see and click below).


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